How Often Do Lashes Shed? Definitive Answer

Just like any other type of hair on our bodies, lashes do shed; there are a particular number of lashes that everyone sheds every day. Besides being part of our beauty, eyelashes protect the eyes from being penetrated by dirt, dust, and harsh winds.

If you would like to know how life would be without the presence of your lashes on your eyes, try opening your eyes wide without blinking. It will not last you more than twenty seconds before you shed tears and find it unbearable for your eyes. Due to some factors, eyelashes are meant to grow to a particular length; they may also fall off at a certain period. More details about lashes and their shedding season are provided below.

Is lash shedding normal?

Lash shedding is very natural and normal; although they do not fall all at once, they are a particular amount of lashes that you should have at a given period and under specific factors. Like any hair on your body, your lash has three growing phases: a growing phase, a transition phase, and the last phase, which is the shedding. Your lashes are meant to be shed so that a whole new set of others grow back. It is essential to understand that the older you grow, the shorter your lash phase becomes.

Is there a specific season for lash shedding?

Although the cold and hot seasons are excellent determinants for lash shedding, educate yourself enough about the lash cycle. This is because hormones in your body may result in lash shedding. If you are not well conversant with this, consider making the necessary inquiries from your lash technician.

Everyday habits that may be triggering your lash shedding

  1. Sleeping with your mascara
    No matter how exhausted and lazy you might be feeling, the worst thing you can do is go to sleep with full glam lashes with mascara on your eyes. Always ensure that you have an excellent mascara removal agent and products. This is to help wipe off the applied products on your eyes
  2. Following wrong lash extension removal process
    It is essential that you use the stated guidelines when removing your mascara; this should be advised by your lash technician when having them filled up. An excessive pulling or rubbing off may tamper with your lashes.
  3. You are using waterproof mascara.
    However much may like to have waterproof mascara that lasts for long, it is not advisable for consistent use. Consider not using mascara or even try out water-based mascara at times.
  4. Excessive rubbing when removing your makeup
    Makeup should be removed using the right products and procedures. Consult a beauty expert and acquire the best makeup removal products.

How do I stop my lashes from shedding?

The only way to prevent lashes from shedding is by avoiding things mentioned earlier and other practices you might be doing wrong. Also, being on a good diet and staying hydrated would help you go a long way. You should also invest in quality lashes extensions as well as beauty products.

Lash shedding is very normal and should occur depending on your lash shedding cycle. However, it is essential to be conscious should the process be too short. Consulting your lash expert and a dermatologist is preferred should things get out of hand.


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