Role of Technology in Fashion Forecasting

In recent days fashion is playing an essential role in each human’s lifestyle. It helps in expressing the personality and behavior of an individual in an artistic mode. Therefore fashion is often considered to be a popular mode of artistic expression. Style is not only restricted to clothes but also the accessories associated with it. The makeover and the overall appearance of an individual also hugely contribute to fashion. Thus, the different style modes essentially describe the ever-changing style of clothes worn by those with cultural status and history. When people mimic or have a rendition of a style, then a styling pattern occurs. Therefore, over a period of time, styling differs widely within a society, but it also has an impact through occupation, age, location, sexual orientation, and social class..

Fashion and its Trend Forecasting

In the current global scenario of fashion, the concept of trend forecasting is entirely different. If we consider style and design of the 60’s and early 70’s era, then according to the fashion research, it meant hanging out in the cafes and European clubs. Those days the style books where the printed volumes that were published with a lead time of 18 months that would give the designers as well as the buyers time to work. With the expansion of this sector, its methods were also improved, which soon involved the market analysis, fads in food, music, and design along with the political and economic trends. As per the news, it has been previously found that by the year 2008, the forecasting farms began to distinguish themselves by using the web to offer cheaper and more targeted sub-services and short-term trend tracking. Forecasting is used in almost all areas of business today, not only in fashion.

Involvement of Technology in Fashion Science 

Therefore in informing the brand direction and development, the accurate analysis of consumer trends is vital in creating relevant sources and products. It even ultimately confirms in ensuring their success. In association with the fashion industry, the trend forecasting is still a relative newcomer. However, it has become one of the most crucial weapons quite earlier in a retailer’s competitive armory in a crowded market place. It is essential to identify what is hot about fashion and what is not. It helps to stay one step ahead of the competition. In relevance to all sectors, technology is changing and revolutionizing the business operation and functions by using artificial intelligence, data analytics, virtual technology, etc. thus leading to an efficient and streamlined process. With the increase in the speed of the latest styling trends, the pattern cycle’s space has accelerated along with a rise in demand for trend information. The forecasting of the constant supply of fresh pattern directions involves the live streaming of the catwalk shows that determine the consumers’ ability to shop the item he or she likes before the model leaves the runway.

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