How To Look Taller And Thinner

You don’t need to look taller and thinner, but if that is what gives you more confidence, here are some tips to help you out.

1. Wear heels.

That will make you look taller instantly. Your shoe color should match that of your lowers to give the impression of a more extended look. If you find heels uncomfortable, try block heels or platforms. If your heels have rubber soles, you will be more comfortable. Wedges also offer excellent stability. Get good arch support too. If you want more comfort, add Dr. Scholl’s Dreamwalk Gel Insoles in your heels.

2. Belts are a great way to make your waistline appear skinny. But choose a thin belt.

Use belts that are the same colors as your lowers. Contrasting colors will not make you look taller. If you think that you cannot wear a belt because your belly is too thick, you are wrong. You have to position the belt at the slimmest part of your waist.

3. Darker colors can make you appear slimmer.

Dark indigo and charcoal grey are good alternatives to wearing black all the time. A long cardigan or vest over your top can make you look slimmer. The layered jacket is also a great way to make yourself look taller.

4. Choose vertical details.

That will create the illusion of a taller you. You can choose even subtle details. A long dress with vertical details and a belt at the waist is a perfect idea.

5. Wear jeans that have flares at the bottom.

Choose a length that is close to the floor. If you couple this with pointy shoes, you will get a taller look.

6. Don’t wear loose outfits.

Choose fitting ones with a belt at the waist. High fitted waistlines can give the illusion of length. High waists are great, especially if you are thick around the middle. Don’t wear bottoms that start at the hips. They will make you look shorter.

7. V-necks add height to your frame.

They create a vertical line. If you do not have a v-neck on a particular day, you could wear a shirt and leave the top few buttons open to create the v-look.

8. Your tops should be fitting and curvy.

If the tops are loose, wear a belt over them or tuck them in at the waist.

9. Watch your sleeves.

Puffed sleeves may be in fashion but will make your torso look plumper. Longer sleeves like three-quarter ones will look much better.

10. Pointed toe shoes can go a long way.

They help to elongate the look and make you look taller and slimmer.

11. Use shapewear.

Using shapewear can give you more dimension.

Apart from all these tips, there is the most important one. If you want to look slimmer, walk tall. Have a good posture. Keep your shoulders back, head up, tummy in, and take quick strides when you walk. Do not slouch even when you sit.

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